Outdoor gold paint: In the beginning

Gold paint originally surfaced as an alternative to the expensive gold sheets found on domes and steeples of religious structures.

Gold liquid paint applied on weathervane Andek Corp technicians combined bronze alloy flakes with a strong roof coating, changing the finish of the roof coating to a gold-leaf appearance. To protect the bronze alloy flakes, clearcoat was then developed to prevent the aging of the flakes.

Gold painted eagleIn Milford, CT, the plaza eagle keeps watch over its town. For a closer view of the eagle feathers, check this blog entry.

In my contracting work on vintage metal roofs, this gold paint product adds a distinctive luster to a project. From river boats to frames for artwork to garden decor, customers have introduced me to other applications for this gold paint.

Free gold paint cured sample

Gold paint sample from Roof MendersFor those who like to touch, smell and taste before buying, just send your name and addressfor a cured sample of the finished gold paint. Usually a cured sample of this gold paint answers most questions.